When it comes to backyard storage options, you will find do many choices that you may want to look into the pros and cons of each one before you make your final decision. The possibilities include such things as prefabricated sheds large enough to store a riding lawnmower. These sheds come virtually assembled so that you can have a shed in your backyard in a matter of a few hours and start removing things form your basement giving you more room in your home.

First you have to decide why you need a place for storage in your backyard. This will help you determine the size of shed that you need. You also have to keep the city regulations in mind as most municipal areas have restrictions on the size of backyard sheds that are allowed. You may need a permit and this could take time.

With the various shed kits available, some of them come with the materials for the floor and others don’t. You may decide that you don’t need a floor and are content to have just the earth. If your kit doesn’t have a floor included, you should read the directions to find out whether you have to have a wooden or concrete structure on which to build the shed.

Once you know the size of shed you want, you can choose from metal, wood or PVC. Metal sheds a re inexpensive and with the bulk of the material already assembled it is a simple matter of snapping and bolting the pieces in place. If you decide to go with wood, you won’t have to do any sawing as all the lumber is precut. You will need to have a hammer though, lots of nails and a ladder to reach the roof. With the vinyl or PVC material, you can customize the look of the shed by choosing a color that will compliment your outdoor d’cor and the exterior of your home. Again these are really easy to assemble.

If you don’t want to do any work, order a prefabricated shed that comes ready to put in place and use. They are not expensive and save you a lot of time in the assembling.

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