Have you looked at the barn style sheds in your neighbors’ back yards and wish you could have one of your own? These sheds are really easy to build, even if building things from wood is not your forte. They add a really nice touch to any yard and they are very practical for storing any number of things, from lawn tools, your lawn mower, and barbeque in winter and even your snowmobile in summer. The barn style roof also gives you more space because you can have an extra room upstairs in the shed.

To get started building this type of shed, you need to determine the size of shed you need. You can buy shed kits that contain the correct amount of materials according to the size you choose. Think about whether you want single or double doors and how many windows you want in the shed. You can even add a ramp if you want which will make it easier to get some of your larger tools or gadgets in through the door.

Once you have the measurements of the shed you want, then you have to start with the floor. You can build a wooden base or you can pour a concrete slab, which is the choice of most shed owners. Then when you start to build the sides, you have a more permanent attachment for them. You do need to make sure that you have all the tools you need before you start so that you won’t encounter any delays having to run to the store to buy tools or even nails.

When you install the roof of the shed, think about the area in which you live. If you normally get a lot of snow in winter, you might want to add stronger materials to the roof trusses, such as using 2 x 6 instead of 2 x 4 so that it can better withstand the weight of the snow.

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