Start by planning out on what kind of storage shed you will like to make. You can make a barn style storage shed or garden shed.  Once you have decided on that, you will need some storage shed plans. There are certain things to be kept in your mind when you are building your shed. It is not an easy task, but it is not so difficult either. Here are a few guidelines, which will help you build a better and planned out shed. But remember to consult the local officials about shed building procedures and codes. Check if you need a permit to build the shed or not.

A shed can be defined as a typically simple, single-story structure. It can be in the back garden or on an allotment used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. It is a slight structure built for shelter or storage. It is used as a workshop and can be attached as a ‘lean-to’ for a permanent building or separate. It is often with open front or sides. Sheds can be of various types depending on the complexity of their construction and their size. They vary from small open-sided tin-roofed structures to large wood-framed sheds with shingled roofs. Windows and electrical outlets can be attached to them. Sheds used on farms or in industry are usually larger structures.

Why build a shed yourself
Building your own shed can be so much fun. To begin with you need to download a set of neat shed plans. This can be made into a family project where the entire family can work together on weekends. The shed building project can be made into fun project.

The various benefits of building your own shed are
• The value of your our home property doubles. The extra advantage of having this space makes your land more valuable.
• It will help you stay fit. All that hard work will be good exercise and fun. And who knows you may get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted!
• You spend more time with your family too during the process.
• And think of all that extra storage space with your new storage shed you just built!

Types of sheds
Decide what kind of shed you want to build. Storage sheds can be of wood or metal. It can be for domestic or commercial purpose. There are barn sheds also.
The simplest and least expensive sheds are available in kit form. These are the small sheds. The shed kits and “do-it-yourself” plans are available for wooden sheds. These are used to store tools and equipment such as push mowers, home stuff, gardening supplies, etc. You can also store products that are not suitable for indoor storage, such as gasoline and pesticides. The various metal gardens are shed made of galvanized steel for homes with small gardens or modest storage needs. They come in varieties of 5ft tall x 3ft wide x ft or 3ft tall x 5ft wide x 4ft deep. For better storage shelves and hooks are often used to maximize the storage space.

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