Portable sheds come in all shapes and sizes and for many different uses. Whether you want a shed to simply cover your vehicle in times of bad weather or when you want to work on the vehicle and need some shade from the sun, having access to a shed that you can put up and take down at will makes things a lot easier. You can get one of these sheds that is just big enough for a motorcycle or one that can suffice as a three-car garage.

In some areas, these sheds are exactly what homeowners need when they need a shed but can’t get permission from the city to put one in the yard. Because the shed is portable, it isn’t really a building and therefore, you don’t have to pay for a city permit or undergo any inspections. You can use this type of shed to protect your RV in winter or even to have a nice shady place for your patio furniture in the yard.

You can use this type of shed as a party tent for a wedding or a party just as easily as you can use it as a storage place for a vehicle. Move it to your front lawn and add a few decorations. The pre-drilled frame makes assembly very simple and you don’t need to do any drilling or cutting. All the materials are cut to the right lengths that you need to fit them together. The cover and the doors of these sheds are made from fire-retardant material and you can zipper the shed closed when you want to be completely inside.

Each door of the shed has a pocket for a rigid pole and the grommets you need to secure them when you are using the door. Each shed comes with a cable hook to anchor the shed into the ground and a drive rod to secure it at 6 strategic points making it quite sturdy. You won’t have to worry that this will collapse on top of your vehicle or tools or even while you are inside.

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