When you decide that you want to build a shed to give you more storage area, you may be confused when you see the variety of shed designs available. Sheds do not necessary have to be built from scratch with wood and there are many kinds of kits available that have all the material pore-cut and drilled to make your task much easier. A simple check online will give you access to many different plans that you can purchase, but there are many sites with free plans that you can download.

Although you won’t get the detailed plans you need with the free plans, they are great with helping you determine what you need in a storage shed. You should check several different designs so that you can see the different ones available and choose one that suits your outdoor space. You should choose a design that will compliment the exterior d’cor of your home.

Some of the popular designs of sheds include:

  • Gable roof shed – these sheds are simply designed for storage and it is just the style of the roof that makes them look like nice buildings
  • Garden sheds – these usually have sections inside so that you can store different tools and equipment in different areas of the shed. It is often attached to the house or the garage
  • Putter Shed – this is usually a small shed used for storing small tools
  • Multi-Purpose Shed – this would be a larger type shed with several areas. It is usually large enough to store a lawn mower and a snow mobile at the same time with a section for other uses, such as storing firewood
  • Barn Style Shed – this is a shed with two stories. The bottom part is the usual storage area and there is a room upstairs that you can even use as your own private retreat
  • Greenhouse – although most people don’t realize it, a greenhouse is a shed of sorts. It is covered with plastic and you don’t necessarily have to use it for growing plants if you don’t want to use it in this way.

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