At various times you may have to do simple or extensive shed repair to keep your backyard shed looking like new. If you have a wooden shed, the repairs usually consist of painting or staining the wood and possible repairing some places where the wood may have rotted. If you notice leaks in the roof, then it’s time to look at repairing or replacing the shingles. Leaks in the roof can damage what you have stored inside, especially if it is equipment that can get rusty if it gets wet.

If you have a wooden floor, you will have to look at doing repairs over time, as the wood will become worn. Even if you have a concrete floor you will need to repair any cracks that develop and paint the floor to keep the inside of the shed looking bright and clean.

The hinges on the doors can also get rusty and not work properly. This means simply taking the door off and replacing the hinges with new ones. If the ground under the shed is not really level, the concrete floor may become uneven. This may mean adding a new level of concrete over the full floor or just in some places to make it even. In the case of a shed with a wooden floor, if you have more weight in one area of the shed than in others, this can harm the floor. You may have to block under the floor to level the floor or you may have to cut out a section of the floor and replace it.

When you have a metal, vinyl or prefabricated shed, there are very little repairs to think about, as these structures are basically maintenance free. A simple washing down in the spring will keep the shed looking as good as new.

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